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Calligraphy prices are dependent on so many different variables that it’s almost impossible to give a precise costing.  The prices included here are a guideline, and if the client requires ‘extra’s’ – flourishing, metalic ink, etc, the price will increase to reflect that.   As a general rule, I charge for all calligraphy on a ‘per word’ basis.

  • Hand-inked projects cost €1.75 per word. For longer pieces, like poems, with repetition, this price is reduced. €1 per letter for large decorated letters – typically names etc.
  • Hand painted large lettering – usually for signs – €1 per letter.
  • Coloured and metalic printing with Silhouette Cameo – from €1 per word
  • Computer generated calligraphy 40c per word.
  • Wedding Calligraphy –
    • Names on inside of invitations – €1 each
    • Envelope addressing  – €1.50 each

For any project – please get in touch. I will work with you and your budget to come up with the best result for everyone.

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