Cards for all Occasions

Personalised cards are a unique and thoughtful way of remembering very special people on very special occasions. I like to use photographs in my personalised cards, as they make them totally exclusive and these cards are often kept as mementos for years after the event. If you have a very special celebration coming up, then please get in touch and I will work with you and your budget to come up with a personalised card that will meet your expectations.

I also make invitations and directional cards for occasions such as art exhibitions, birthday parties, prayer meetings etc. These cards use existing photos that the client has and merge them with up to date design to  emphasise the professional nature of the occasion.  If you wish to get some help with designing your logo or business cards, I am also happy to help. I do not dictate a minimum amount of stock that you must order, and will work with any small business to help them get their design pack started.

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