Envelope Addressing

The envelope on your wedding invitation is the guest’s first impression of your wedding, and yourselves. Make that first impression a great one!

 I offer two types of envelope addressing, the first is hand drawn calligraphy, which works out at €2 per envelope, any style, colour etc is available. Wax sealing is another popular add-on, and a special wax seal can be made to represent your wedding, including a monogram or logo.

The second type is computer generated. In this I can use a font that ties in with the invitation and the theme of the wedding, it is also possible to include a small logo or picture that reflects your wedding. These envelopes cost €1 each. Please be aware that I require a 20% extra supply of envelopes in all cases.

Please get in touch and I can work on a couple of samples to give you a better idea of how the envelopes will look.  These are some different styles I have done,

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